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60 years of showing at the iowa state fair

Skartvedt Suffolks Semen Sale

I have decided that since we only have 13 ewes left and a lot of semen in storage that we will never use it all so were are offering most of it at reduced prices.  The majority of it is stored at the Iowa State University vet school with limited amounts at RSG in Indiana.
The storage is paid until December 31.  Buyers can continue to have it stored at the current  location or have it shipped to themselves at the buyers expense. Shipping from Iowa State would need to be done by the end of the first week of January.  If there are several breeders wanting to ship from there to RSG we can combine the shipments to reduce the cost per unit..
Several rams are very limited on the amount of semen available and will be sold on a first come first sold basis.



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60 years of showing at the iowa state fair


At Skartvedt Suffolks, our history is rich in tradition and we hope that you will take the time to see what we have to offer for your flock. We were honored to be inducted into the Suffolk Hall of Fame at NAILE 2013. Take a look at our Winners page to see examples of our accomplishments in the showring.

If you want to add Skartvedt Suffolks to your flock, please visit our Sale page for updates. Inquiries are welcome! Call us to arrange a visit to come see us in Iowa.

Skartvedt Family - Suffolk Hall of Fame Picture, NAILE 2013
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